Citizen Report Card - March 2010




The Citizen Report Card for Public Services, Good Governance and Infrastructure/ Development is a participatory, community-based monitoring and evaluation tool by which government (recipient of 60% of oil revenue) and oil companies (recipient of 40% of oil revenue) can measure the effectiveness of their policies and practices related to community relations and to oil revenue expenditure for development in Niger Delta riverine communities—the source of Nigeria’s oil. The Citizen Report Card also is an advocacy tool for encouraging good governance and transparent and accountable behavior from oil revenue and development stakeholders as well as a mechanism by which community women and men gain greater confidence in their ability to effect positive change through non-violent, socially inclusive community action. Through training workshops and new communication structures, community members practice increased inter-community collaboration and vertical networking with stakeholders and elected representatives formerly beyond their networking capability.

This is the first Citizen Report Card from the Niger Delta to be developed and placed in the public domain. Data for this issue of the Citizen Report Card was captured in a survey administered to 80 men and women—40 from 5 Delta State riverine communities and 40 from 5 Bayelsa State riverine communities—who were selected by their communities to represent them in a Community Monitoring Group or CMG formed by NIDPRODEV, a Nigerian NGO operating in the Niger Delta since 1999.

The survey was formulated following focus group discussions in all 10 oil-hosting communities with a Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMOU) or formal development agreement with one or more oil companies. The role of the CMGs is to monitor changes in development projects, public services and good governance and report said changes to NIDPRODEV. NIDPRODEV then compiles the data and places it in a Citizen Report Card format, which is then uploaded to NIDPRODEV’s website at

Using a web-based platform, NIDPRODEV then sends a Bulk SMS text message to hundreds of oil revenue and development stakeholders and interested parties in federal, state, and local government; oil companies; the media; and international organizations, alerting them to the posting of new riverine data on the website. GSM technology and the internet work to circumvent the bureaucratic and special interest bottleneck that prevents valuable information from getting into and out of isolated riverine communities. Survey data from additional riverine communities will be added on a regular basis. The Citizen Report Card will be updated quarterly.

The CMGs and the Citizen Report Card are elements of a NIDPRODEV project funded by The United States Institute of Peace designed to strengthen oil revenue transparency and accountability while increasing women’s participation and leadership in governance and community affairs. For more information on the USIP project or Citizen Report Card, please contact Joel Bisina, NIDPRODEV Executive Director, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Cindy Collins, Director of Programmes, Training and M&E at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through text messaging at 0813-59-70070.

NIDPRODEV is headquartered in Warri, Delta State. Its international office is in Washington, DC.

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