The Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment – Africa (LITE-Africa) is a major project being created by NIDPRODEV. Initially envisioned in 2007, the project has been making major progress, most recently hosting a highly regarded architect from the US in February 2010 to begin the design process.

The vision is to create and promote an ‘oasis of integrity’ in the Niger Delta, to serve as a magnet for those who want to practice and support ethical leadership in the region, the country, the African continent and the world, and to inspire and educate adults and youth in order to create a society devoted to a sustainable future and the common good.

The mission is to develop an international institute devoted to transformational leadership and reawakening the creative capacity of the human spirit. The Institute will provide a supportive environment where local, regional and international leaders, scholars, and participants can develop and implement strategies for nonviolent conflict resolution, establishment of a democratic culture, and deep commitment to integrity-based living.

The values of the Institute include integrity, respect, compassion, sustainability, and interdependence. We acknowledge the current reality of a seemingly intractable combination of corruption, opportunism, self-centered leadership, violence, and criminality. The Institute will create a new paradigm – in action and in thought.

Promoting principles of sustainability – environmental and operational – is a key goal. Community service will be taught and encouraged in all programs. Instead of relying on one-time visits by program participants, programs will be designed to include ongoing opportunities for continued development – both on campus and by using virtual technology – in order to create sustainable transformative impacts. The Institute will respect and reclaim the traditions of indigenous, original cultures of the region which have been decimated by centuries of colonization and decades of poor governance and corruption.

Latest News:
Feb. 2010
US-based architect Mira Steinbrecher visited Warri for 2 weeks to assist NIDPRODEV with planning and design of 20-acre campus for Leadership Institute.
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