Mindset Change and Reorientation Programme for Youth Empowerment

The Mindset Change and Reorientation Programme for Youth Empowerment is a 3-month, in-residence training programme for 150 youth from 13 oil-producing communities in the often volatile Niger Delta. The programme is a pilot test as well as first phase of the Job Creation and Conflict Prevention Initiative, and is jointly funded by the United Nations Development Programme, Shell, and Delta State Government; is managed by UNOPS; and is being implemented by Niger Delta Professionals for Development (NIDPRODEV). NIDPRODEV developed the programme’s training manuals, trained the trainers, and is involved in the day-to-day operations of the programme at a multi-purpose training facility in Delta State. Upon successful completion of the programme, trainees are eligible to participate in a one-to-two-year vocational training programme.

The programme’s course content includes, but is not limited to, psycho-social development, basic life skills, conflict management skills, civic education, and vocational guidance counseling.

Click here to read an Interview with Clinical Psychologist / NIDPRODEV Consultant on Psycho-Social Development

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