Cooperative Formation and Strengthening

The core objective of Oxfam Novib Livelihood and Governance (ONLAG) Programme is to strengthen existing livelihoods and identify alternative means of sustainable livelihoods for beneficiaries. To achieve this LITE-Africa has introduced business development services to the 20 project communities. Through these services, LITE-Africa is working to establish four sector-based, agro-cooperatives in each community; where cooperatives already exist, they are integrated into the project and strengthened. In line with the projects' gender sensitive approach, at least one of the four cooperatives in each community will be comprised of solely female members. LITE-Africa's Business Development Specialist assists the cooperatives in formal registration, development of action plans including agreed upon savings structures, and access to low interest microfinance providers. LITE-Africa has engaged with the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) and the Delta Agricultural Procurement Agency (DAPA) to gain access to agricultural inputs, high yielding seedlings, cassava cuttings, fishing materials and linkages to agricultural credit schemes for cooperatives.

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