Community Teachers to Deliver Simple Bookkeeping to 660 Livelihood Participants

Twenty-two (22) teachers from ten Niger Delta communities have been trained by LITE-Africa to teach Simple Bookkeeping and Business Management Skills to 660 participants in an Oxfam-Novib sponsored project to enhance livelihoods. Seventy percent (70%) of the participants are women.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which published the Facilitator’s Guide used by LITE-Africa, “adults not only become numerate by participating in this training, but they also gain considerable self-confidence in their ability to learn. The numeracy training was developed in view of exposing economical active adults to simple accounting methods. Elementary accounting methods for numerate people were further developed in the present training document, which is written at a level appropriate to and useful for small scale entrepreneurs.”

Community classes will be held two nights per week for 7 weeks. One aim of training community teachers to provide the training is that the knowledge to reproduce the training at any time in the future is embedded in people who actually live in the community.  LITE-Africa also believes that the knowledge and materials that each one of the 660 participants receives will have a multiplier effect within their households, which often include several adults with various livelihoods contributing to the household income. Community members, who have been selected as part of a Community Advisory Board for all of LITE-Africa’s livelihood and governance activities related to the Oxfam project, will assist in monitoring and evaluating the teachers’ performance and the impact of the learning on participants’ lives. Prior to the teachers’ training, the training materials were pre-tested. All participants of the pre-test were enthusiastic about what they learned and how helpful they believe the training will be in strengthening their own financial well-being and livelihood expansion.

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