Democracy and Governance in Nigeria: Reflecting on 51 Years of Independence

Sovereignty is not a right; it is a responsibility, in political terms it is the responsibility of the state to deliver education, health care, infrastructure, public services, good governance, and protection from violence and crime among others. Independence throughout Africa is a great source of pride and a symbol of accomplishment. However, past the act of independence, governments of independent states have numerous responsibilities. The inability of the state to meet its responsibility, results in state failure. The African giant a failed state? This seems improbable however; the reality on the ground confirms Nigeria’s descent into the undesired category.


International Peace Day 2011: Reflections from Nigeria

Each year the United Nations makes a global call for the cessation of hostilities in honour of International Peace Day. Hostilities, protracted conflict and crisis are not foreign to Africa. In fact, in the international discourse the terms seem to be synonymous with Africa. Since independence African nations have been struggling to attain security and preserve peace. Nigeria has played an integral role in this quest through peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts in numerous African crises. Read more


Citizen Report Card Of 120 Niger Delta Communities Soon To Be Released

The European Union awarded NIDPRODEV a 10-month grant in June 2010 to conduct Citizen Report Card surveys in 120 Niger Delta communities in the three southern geopolitical zones. The purpose of a Citizen Report Card is to provide public officials, as well as international donors, with the information they need to address the inadequacies of community life that contribute to sustained poverty.


IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Voices From A Fascinating Workshop

[or] “What happens when community people get to talk directly to elected officials, oil company representatives and community leaders who are supposed to be representing community interests?”

In July 2010, NIDPRODEV hosted a 2-day workshop in Delta State and in Bayelsa State for the 10 communities that it has been working with as part of a project sponsored by the US Institute of Peace to strengthen transparency and accountability in oil revenue expenditures.


Civil Society Coalition Calls for a New Compensation Body to Address Oil Spills in the Niger Delta

BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster has heightened international concerns about the environmental dangers of offshore drilling around the world and led to President Obama declaring it America’s “environmental 9/11”. This oil spill has been correctly identified as a massive emergency and it is time to recognise that the ongoing oil spills, conflict and human rights abuses in the Niger Delta should also be acknowledged as an emergency demanding a concerted international response.


Community Teachers to Deliver Simple Bookkeeping to 660 Livelihood Participants

Twenty-two (22) teachers from ten Niger Delta communities have been trained by NIDPRODEV to teach Simple Bookkeeping and Business Management Skills to 660 participants in an Oxfam-Novib sponsored project to enhance livelihoods. Seventy percent (70%) of the participants are women.


Celebrations of Change: Evaluation of the Mindset Change and Reorientation Programme

The 3-month, in-residence Mindset Change and Reorientation Programme for 150 vulnerable and restive youth from Delta State concluded the first week of June with participant-led theatre performances, traditional dancing, singing, and celebrations of change. What changed the most?


Exclusive NIDPRODEV Interview with Dr. Euckay

The psycho-social development module for the Mindset Change and Reorientation Programme for Youth Empowerment began on 15 March 2010 at Songhai. The young women and men were introduced to this powerful, transforming experience by Dr. Euckay Onyeizugbo, a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Enugu State, and the NIDPRODEV consultant who developed the psycho-social development module.


“Dawn” of the Mindset Change Programme For Empowering Youth in the Niger Delta

Written by Anthony Oligbo
NIDPRODEV Communications Officer
150 young men and women from Delta State — the vulnerable and restive youth — are beginning a 3-month, in-resident training programme being implemented by NIDPRODEV. This documents their arrival at their new temporary home where change is intended, first in the mind and spirit and later in gaining life skills and conflict management skills and understanding the responsibilities of citizenship.


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