Welcome to LITE-Africa

The Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment (LITE-Africa), formerly known as the Niger Delta Professionals for Development (NIDPRODEV),is a Nigerian non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in the Niger Delta since 1999.  Its current programs focus on three thematic areas: Governance & Human Rights, Sustainable Livelihoods & Health, and Humanitarian Support Services. We also have a business arm through the Private Sector Engagement in Development, where we work with various transnational companies for community relations services, training on human rights framework and various other needs. LITE-Africa advances these thematic areas through:

Programmes: LITE-Africa develops and implements high impact, community centered programmes. Each of its programmes builds off past programmes to strengthen, expand, deepen and implement lessons learned. This approach allows beneficiaries to gain maximum returns from its programmes. Its existing programmes add value to its donors because of its wide reach and measurable outcomes; this also allows it to inform the work of policy makers, government officials and oil companies (with respect to corporate social responsibility). In addition to this, it will continue to develop and implement new and innovative programmes in the various areas.

Research and Development: The high impact programmes which LITE-Africa implements at the community level are use as a tool to inform policy nationally and internationally. Its expertise has allowed it to produce assessments of existing development policies and practices; these assessments have been key in stimulating national dialogue and strengthening government transparency and accountability. Moreover, its expertise allows it to produce policy briefs, opinion editorials and media content using the Niger Delta as a case study in developing effective community level programmes within and beyond the Niger Delta. Our research is widely circulated for national and international consumption.

Networking and Collaboration: LITE-Africa maintains partnerships with CSO's and CBO's working on similar issues at the national, regional and international levels.


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